MetalMiracle will change and improve business model: We will face foreign customers from behind the curtain. At the same time, we will still produce machines for our Chinese trading companies because of long time business relation and continuous production contract.
------January 2018


MetalMiracle made the decision to stop an unknown hero and will face the foreign marketing directly and openly!
------April 2017


Until the year 2017, MetalMiracle’s main direct marketing was Chine mainland. For many years, many Chinese trading companies have been buying machines from us and then resell to more than 60 countries and regions including Italy, France, USA, South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

This business model is seriously made us into an embarrassed situation: foreign customers accept and continuous buy our machines, but, they don’t know our corporation clearly. MetalMiracle is only an unknown hero!
------April 2017


MetalMiracle agricultural technology research and development strategy was formally established, marking the future of development level and production quality controlling are in line with the western developed countries. To be listed stage, solid foundation, steady growth in performance.
------July 2015


MetalMiracle agricultural machinery was awarded the "agricultural special types of vocational skills training and appraisal base enterprise" title, becoming the first enterprise in the agricultural machinery enterprises to obtain this honor. September MetalMiracle new plant construction is fully completed, the realization of the overall relocation of MetalMiracle agricultural machinery. In December the MetalMiracle Machinery to the advantage of the first network vote was the sixth "jinggeng Cup" "user favorite in the hilly area of the top ten brand of agricultural machinery"
------November 2014


Mini-combine harvester paddy alone in the CCTV science and education channel broadcast.
In November at the fifth session of the MetalMiracle Machinery Precision 'Cup' won the "user favorite in the hilly areas of agricultural machinery in the top ten brand" award.
------January 2013


MetalMiracle agricultural machinery won the 2012 annual Chinese users favorite agricultural brand".

Mini-combine harvester and Tiller, won the 2012 China Agricultural machinery annual product technology innovation award".
------December 2012


Agricultural machinery mini-combine harvester won the Yangtze River cup design silver.……
------November 2011


Updates for equipment and technology.
------July 2009


Micro tillage machine won the national Ministry of agriculture, agricultural machinery promotion appraisal certificate".
------November 2007


Local Municipal People's government granted MetalMiracle company 2005 annual sales of the top 20 enterprises".
------December 2005


Finished equipment’s testing and trial production scheduling.
------September 2000.


Finished factory infrastructure construction including office building, workshops and testing rooms.
------September 1998.


Sichuan MetalMiracle Industry Corp. was established in 1986. For the first 10 years, our products are Slew Ring, Slew Drive & Undercarriage Part. Now, these products are produced by our subsidiary factory LYCORES HOLDINGS LIMITED, links:

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/about.html

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/video-Workshops.html

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/Workshops-LYCORES-HOLDINGS-LIMITED-corporation.html

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/production.html

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/Special-Slew-Ring.html

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/Mining-Equip-Slew-Ring.html

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/Excavator-Slew-Ring.html

to visit web http://www.lycores.com/Forest-Machinery-Slew-Ring.html

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------September 1986.